Metal Stamping Dies Supplier in Turkey

TMK is the Turkish company you can trust to order your stamping dies from.

Since 2006, we have accomplished hundreds of projects for our customers. Our expertise in design and manufacturing of sheet metal stamping dies for following sectors makes us preferable for our customers.

  • White Goods Industry
  • Electronics
  • Automotive

We are proud to display some samples from our production. Some Sheet metal stamping die types we make are:

  • Progressive Dies
  • Transfer Dies
  • Tandem Dies
Progressive metal stamping dies manufacturer Turkey
Progressive Die for Sheet Metal Stamping

Progressive Stamping Dies Manufacturer

Progressive Stamping Dies are preferred for higher volume productions at faster speeds.

Progressive Dies perform multiple operations in a single die by incorporating various work stations.

It is no doubt that designing and manufacturing progressive stamping dies requires expertise and high level of engineering.

We are very experienced and thus very confident in making progressive dies & tools.

See some sample images from our progressive die projects.

Progressive Stamping Die Examples

Metal Stamping Dies Design & Making Process

We design sheet metal stamping dies with World Class Licenced Softwares and take maximum care of customer requirements through the whole process.

From initial design to final die testing, we ensure every detail of the project is in accordance with the customer specifications.

The Softwares we use:

  • Solidworks
  • NX12
  • Top Solid
  • Esprit
sheet metal stamping die design Turkey
Stamping Die Design
a stamping die

Transfer Dies & Tandem Dies

As an expert in die design and making we determine which type is the best for the serial production of stamping parts.

In the case of Tandem Dies, each Press has a separate die for each process. That means if there are more than single operation, then the parts are moved manually from one press to another.

See below some die examples from our workshop.


Stamping Die Examples

Machines for die making

Best Equipment for Stamping Dies Making

We have following equipment to make best stamping dies for your domestic and international customers.

  • Bridge Type CNC Machining Center
  • Vertical CNC Machining Centers
  • Universal Lathe Machines
  • CNC Wire EDM
  • CMM Machine for precise geometrical measurements and tests

Sheet Metal Stamping Dies RFQ Form

Ask for a quotation for your stamping die requirement by using the following RFQ form. Please provide as much as possible data to help us understand your project. Upon getting your request we will send you details and an estimation as soon as possible.

We may contact you via email and ask for more information.

We assure you that all data supplied by you will be confidential and will be used only for submitting a estimated quotation to you.