Sheet Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturer in Turkey

TMK is a fabricator of stamped parts mainly for White Goods industry. Our Sheet metal stamping parts manufacturing service includes:

  • Stamping Dies Design
  • Testing and manufacturing sample parts
  • Serial Production of Parts
  • Secondary operations like coating and assembly with our sub-contractors (In case needed)
  • Delivery

Our advantages in Sheet metal stamping parts manufacturing service..

  • Our expertise in stamping dies design and construction
  • Our experience in large sheet metal parts
  • Our highly skilled staff


500 tons hydraulic press
500 tons hydraulic Press

Stamping Parts Samples from Our Production

Sheet Metal Stamping Service Request Form

Ask for a quotation for your metal stamping parts requirement by using the following RFQ form. Please provide as much as possible data to help us understand your project. Upon getting your request we will send you details and an estimation as soon as possible.

We may contact you via email and ask for more information.

We assure you that all data supplied by you will be confidential and will be used only for submitting a estimated quotation to you.